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School of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering


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Strengthening Brand Building and
Cultivating High-quality Technical Talents
—School of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering, a responsibility-based pioneer powered by innovative development

The School of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering is now set with 5 majors of Petrochemical Technology, Applied Chemical Technology, Chemical Equipment Technology, Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation Technology, and Chemical Automation Technology, forming a national high-level major group - the petrochemical major group. The chemical training base is a national teacher training base, a national demonstration training base and a chemical industry vocational skill appraisal station. In addition, the school is also rated as the constructor of the national vocational education teaching resource pool, the developer of 1+X certificate standards, the first batch of modern apprenticeship pilot organizations approved by the Ministry of Education and Shandong Province, the executive deputy director unit of the Chemical Vocational Education Professional Construction Steering Committee of Shandong Province, the leading unit of University-enterprise Cooperation Petrochemical Professional Construction Committee of Shandong Province, the executive director unit of China Education Association of Chemical Industry, the director unit of the National Testing and Certification Vocational Education Group, and a member of AHK Sino-German Chemical Industry Vocational Education Alliance. The school has established the Learning Center of Petroleum and Chemical Industry College of the Open Universities of China and AHK Sino-German (Dongying) Vocational Training Center.

I. Remarkable achievements made in major group building and comprehensive strength leading China

As the national and Shandong provincial high-level major group, the school’s featured major group has participated in the revision of two national teaching standards, chaired or participated in the construction of two national professional teaching resource database for vocational education , and developed two “1+X” certificate standards. Moreover, the school also complied three textbooks selected into national planned teaching materials, led the development of two provincial professional teaching guidance programs, guided the development of six provincial professional teaching guidance programs, and chaired the development of one standard for five-year higher vocational public chemistry curriculum. Notably, the school won four teaching achievement awards at or above the provincial level, completed one curriculum resource construction of the open universities of China, completed the core curriculum construction tasks of two subprojects of the provincial professional resource library, and undertaken 10 curriculum construction projects at or above the provincial level. Thirty-five students of the school were shortlisted in “Shandong Artisan Reserve Talents”, and eleven students won the honorable title of technical experts of Dongying City. Particularly, the school has won a total of over two hundred awards in various competitions, including four first prizes in national competitions.

II. Outstanding results in faculty construction and great influence formed in the industry

The school is staffed with high-level professional leaders, including two members of the National Industry Guidance Committee, one executive director of China Education Association of Chemical Industry, and one member of German AHK Chemical Professional Construction Committee. In the meantime, the school has fostered one Teaching Master in Shandong Province, one Most Beautiful Teacher in Shandong Province, three Chief Technicians in Shandong Province, and has one Famous Teacher Studio in Shandong Province, one Skill Inheritance Platform and one Technological Innovation Center. With strong independent innovation ability, the teaching innovation team has made outstanding achievements in construction of specialty, curriculum, teaching materials, teaching bases, teaching staff, etc., and has creatively completed the pilot work of the national modern apprenticeship system. The school has also established the National Porcelain Industry Institute, Vocational Education Group, “industry-education-study-entrepreneurship” platform in cooperation with various enterprises to facilitate the development of more than 30 small, medium and micro enterprises. The teaching teams of petrochemical technology and applied chemical technology are provincial teaching teams of Shandong Province and outstanding teaching teams in the petroleum and chemical industry of China.

III. Complete facilities for practical training and domestically first-class level in technical personnel education

The school has established the modular and systematic training and teaching systems for chemical safety, basic skills, special skills, virtual simulation, comprehensive skills and extended skills training. There are 50 practical training rooms and workshops with the total building area of 13,000 m2, which are equipped with 120 sets of large instruments and other equipment worth up to RMB 55 million. With all these, the school can offer practical training for students, and also serve the government and enterprises in terms of skills competition, staff training, etc. The school is the national and Shandong provincial training base for teachers in chemical inspection and chemical general control, the National Demonstration Training Base for Vocational Education and Training in Petroleum and Chemical Industry, the National Chemical Industry Vocational Skills Appraisal Guidance Center Skill Appraisal Station, and the High-skill Talent Public Training Base in Dongying.

IV. Large number of enrolled students and high graduate employment quality

The school has now enrolled over 1,900 students for various majors, accounting 10% of the total number of enrolled students for chemical vocational higher education in Shandong Province. Ranking the second in China and the first in Shandong in terms of enrolled students for core majors, the school has now educated over 9,000 graduates with the local employment rate of up to 85%. The school has also launched the apprenticeship system education in cooperation with various Global Fortune 500 enterprises like CHEMCHINA and Wanhua Chemical Group, and graduates have been engaged by multiple famous enterprises including Shandong NHU, Yantai Port Group, Fuhai Group, Wanda Group and Lihuayi Group. Among them, Wanhua Chemical Group and some other partners have sent letter of thanks to the school for multiple times. The correlation between employment and specialty of graduates from various major groups has reached over 90%, and 20% of graduates have grown into technical backbones of their employers. Eleven graduates have been employed by China Academy of Engineering Physics, and thirty-nine students participating in the “TOP-UP” program have passed the examination and admitted as the postgraduate students.

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