School Introduction

School of Electronic Information and Media


School of Electronic Information and Media, SIM for short, is set with eight majors of Computer Network Technology, Computer Application Technology, Software Technology, Cloud Computing Technology & Application, IoT Application Technology, Film & Television Animation, Artificial Intelligence Technology Application, and Digital Media Application Technology. Having enrolled 1,950 students, SIM is the construction unit of national “Double High-levels Plan” talent training highland, the construction unit of key specialty groups of national backbone colleges, key specialty groups of high-quality colleges, high-level specialty groups and brand specialty groups in Shandong Province. SIM has established one national teaching team, two national quality courses, two national quality resources sharing courses, eight Shandong provincial quality courses, one Shandong provincial teaching team, one Shandong provincial featured major, two institute-level teaching teams and eighteen institute-level quality courses.

Teaching teams with prominent advantages, profound expertise, solid foundation in teaching and scientific research, and distinctive “dual-qualification” features.SIM has now staffed with 58 faculty members, 93% of whom have obtained their doctoral and/or master degree, 28% have the title of associate professor or above, and 88% have the “dual-qualifications”. In addition, SIM has one National Model Teacher, one National Advanced Individual in Vocational Education, two Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions at Shandong Provincial Level, one Teaching Masters of Shandong Province, one Yellow River Delta scholar, two Young Skilled Teachers of Shandong Province, and one Young and Middle-aged Expert with Outstanding Contributions in Donging. These teachers have obtained fifty-one vocational qualifications such as system analyst, software engineer, network engineer, information system supervision engineer and senior film and television animator. SIM has undertaken and participated in over twenty projects at or above the provincial and ministerial level and over thirty municipal level projects, totaling more than fifty vertical and horizontal projects. These projects include three national 863 projects, one national major special project and one Shandong Natural Science Foundation project. Moreover, many scientific research achievements have obtained the software copyright registration certificate issued by the National Copyright Administration, and have many national utility model patents. SIM has won more than thirty awards, including Shandong Natural Science Academic Innovation Award, Shandong Provincial Teaching Achievement Award, Shandong Computer Application Achievement Award, Dongying Science and Technology Progress Award, Dongying Youth Science and Technology Award, and Shengli Oilfield Science and Technology Progress Award.

Remarkable achievements in education and teaching reform, and leading reform philosophy in China. SIM has piloted its “Supporting Platform + Study Fields” professional course system proposed in 2006 in three grades, with favorable results made. This system has been listed in the Guiding Professional Standards of Electronic Information in Higher Vocational Colleges (I) by the Electronic Information Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education. After years of teaching practice, SIM has formed the “10+10” multi-section teaching organization mode, established the “Computer Professional Group Hierarchical and Classified Talent Training System”, and published four academic works related to higher vocational education. In addition, SIM has won one second prize of National Teaching Achievement Award, two first prizes, two second prizes and one third prize of Shandong Provincial Teaching Achievement Award.

Integration of in-campus and off-campus resources and leading practice teaching conditions. SIM has invested more than RMB 36 million to build training rooms for 3D printing, mobile Internet, intelligent product development, cloud computing, big data, VR technology, network construction, information security, network intelligent engineering, network media, WEB development, as well as mobile internet laboratory, artificial intelligence basic laboratory, smart retail training room, artificial intelligence production and education integration innovation application center, perfectly satisfying the students’ needs for practice and teachers’ needs for scientific research. SIM has cooperated with more than 30 well-known enterprises to build internship training bases, satisfying the students’ demands for practical training and on-the-job internship, and realizing the perfect integration of factories and college. SIM has introduced high-quality teaching resources, won professional qualification certificates, and built training bases with enterprises to jointly train high-end skilled professionals. Moreover, SIM has established close cooperation with famous enterprises such as Cisco, Huawei, ARM, Intel, Microsoft, ORACLE, H3C, Tarena, Hisense, Inspur and Weihai Guangyuan Animation. SIM has established Shandong Service Outsourcing Training Base, Dongying Yellow River Delta IoT Application Technology Research Institute, Cisco Network Technology College, H3C Network College, Huawei Network College, Red Hat College, Electronic Industry Vocational Skills Appraisal Training Base, Pearson VUE Authorized Examination Center, CIW Certified Network Senior Engineer/ Web Designer Training and Examination Center, National NACG Digital Media Examination Center, etc. More important, SIM has won numerous honorary titles such as Shandong IoT Talent Training Demonstration Base, Asia-Pacific Excellent Red Hat Club 2013, China Animation Game Talent Training Demonstration Unit, China Animation Game Talent Training Characteristic College, National Famous Painting and Calligraphy Teaching School and National Advanced Unit of Aesthetic Education in Colleges and Universities. SIM is also the Training Base for Teachers in Higher Vocational Colleges in Shandong Province and the National Training Base for Professional Backbone Teachers in Higher Vocational Colleges.

Focusing on skills competitions and “TOP-UP” of students, and bridging for students’ development and growth. SIM has always paid great attention to the cultivation of students’ innovative ability, proactively organized students to participate in various competitions at all levels, with great prizes won in national and provincial vocational college skill competitions, college students’ electronic design competitions, robot contests, national software professional talent design and entrepreneurship competitions, national digital art design works competitions, etc. Notably, students have won remarkable awards in the National Vocational College Skills Competition and Shandong Vocational College Skills Competition, including four first prizes, seven second prizes and two third prizes in national competition, six first prizes, twenty second prizes and ten third prizes in provincial competition. Moreover, SIM has undertaken two sessions of Shandong Vocational College Skills Competition and three sessions of Selection Competitions for National Skills Competition. In the meantime, SIM has joined hands with Tarena, Neuedu, Qingdao Hisense Group, EWS, Weihai Guangyuan Animation and other large enterprises to launch tailored talent training programs, effectively facilitating the high-quality employment of students. SIM has made remarkable achievements in “TOP-UP” of students. Over the past five years, a total of 583 students were enrolled by undergraduate colleges and universities, ranking forefront in DVI.

SIM proactively extends the destinations of graduates by applying the mode of “drawing overseas experiences and introducing external talents”, and achieved the first employment of over 98% in recent years. As a result, SIM has been rated as the Advanced Unit in Student Work of DVI for seven consecutive years, Advanced Unit in Graduate Work of DVI for six consecutive years and Excellent Unit in Target Management Assessment of DVI for four consecutive years.

Taking students as the core, the Student Department and the General Branch of the Communist Youth League have always cared student heart and soul, with remarkable results achieved in student work in recent five years. SIM has won one first prize and one third prize of the chorus competition of College Students’ Art Festival, the excellent organization award of the Second “Outstanding Member of Dongying Vocation Institute - Competition for Collecting Works of Civilized Campus Construction”, 2016 Civilization Demonstration Post, Advanced Collective in Voluntary Blood Donation 2017, May Fourth Commendation in 2018 and the Chorus Competition of “Holding High the League Flag and Singing the New Future of a Powerful Country with the Party” of Dongying Vocational Institute, two excellent organization awards in Summer Practice 2018 of Dongying Vocational Institute, one first prize of the Youth Dance Competition of “Culture and Literature Based Education” and two third prize of the National Studies Classic Reading Competition of Dongying Vocational Institute, the third prize of 2019 Youth Dance Special Competition, the “Advanced Collective of the Society” twice, and the second prize of the First “Inheriting Chinese Etiquette and Classic Culture” of Dongying Vocational Institute, Advanced Unit in Military Training 2019, Advanced Unit in All-round Education, the second prize of the Second “I Am A Baker” Baking Competition of Dongying Vocational Institute, the second prize of the First Micro-Group Class Teaching Contest, the second prize of “Striving for Progress and Moving on”, and the first prize of Short Video Production Competition of “Gathering Little Strength and Achieving Volunteer Beauty” of Dongying Vocational Institute. The New Starting Point Network Studio won the “Excellent Science and Technology Society for College Students in Shandong Province”.

Other achievements:

  • Chairman Unit and Secretariat of the National Artificial Intelligence Vocational Education Group
  • Vice President Unit of the National Mobile Internet & Robot Vocational Education Group
  • Executive Director Unit of IoT Professional Committee of China Vocational and Technical Education Association
  • Executive Director Unit of Higher Vocational Electronic Information Professional Committee of Association of Fundamental Computing Education in Chinese Universities
  • Director Unit of Vocational Education Equipment Professional Committee of China Vocational and Technical Education Association
  • Secretary General Unit of Shandong Virtual Reality (VR) Production and Education Alliance
  • Executive Director Unit of Shandong IoT Association
  • Executive Director Unit of Computer Professional Teaching Research Institute of Shandong Higher Education Association
  • Vice President Unit of Shandong IoT Information Engineering Innovation Education Alliance
  • Vice President Unit of Shandong IoT Talent Alliance
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