School Introduction

School of Teacher Education

Having more than 40 years of teacher education history, the School of Teacher Education is now set with three majors of preschool education, primary education and music performance, and has enrolled over 3,461 students and employed over 112 faculty members. Among the full-time teachers, there are 2 professors, 22 associate professors, 1 doctor, 70 masters, 3 excellent teachers of Shandong Province, 3 teaching experts of Shandong Province, 1 skilled teacher of Shandong Province, 18 teaching experts of Dongying City, and 1 skilled expert of Dongying City. It has formed one Shandong provincial featured major and one Shandong provincial teaching team.

The major group has participated in the I-EDU National Industry-Education Callaboration Alliance. The "industry-education integration, cooperative education" development center has been established through college-enterprise cooperation, and the national intangible cultural heritage "short-ear flower-drum" inheritance and innovation base, Dongying Vocational College-Fooyin University Early Education Promotion Center and other 13 industry-education-study-entrepreneurship platforms have been built. The “Zhihuijia” studio and famous teacher studio have been built relying on these platforms, and a new mechanism of innovation and cooperation has gradually taken shape.

In accordance with the discipline construction concept of “moral education run-through and innovation and entrepreneurship integrated”, the talent training system has been systematically reformed and the quality of talent training has been improved. The school has built 2 Shandong provincial quality courses and 14 school-level quality courses (excellent resource sharing courses). The applications of information technology are used in class teaching reform, and “cloud classroom” is applied in class teaching. It has built a set of virtual simulation training system for preschool education and a set of simulated training system for kindergarten and elementary school teacher qualification certificate examinations. The teachers and students won 9 awards in national competitions and 24 awards in provincial competitions, and the quality of student training has been widely recognized by all sectors of society.

In accordance with the idea of “courses + training equipment + teaching resources database + teacher training”, the school has planned more than 20 training rooms with the integration of theory and practice including the digital teaching research room, micro-teaching classroom, MOOC classroom, scientific discovery training room and multiple intelligence training room, and built a first-class comprehensive education practice platform integrating teaching, scientific research, practical training, competition training and social services. The school is also equipped with sufficient skills training facilities such as electrical piano room, dance room, piano training room, multi-purpose auditorium and art gallery, which can meet the students’ needs of course training and skill training.

The school always adheres to the philosophy of aestheticism education and cultural education, and is committed to creating a positive and innovative cultural atmosphere. By giving full play to the unique role of college student art performances, the students can improve their aesthetic and humanistic qualities in the process of feeling beauty, appreciating beauty and expressing beauty through various art activities such as photography, calligraphy, painting, dance and folk art, which can also enrich the spare time life and improve the comprehensive quality of students.

In recent years, over 110 students in the school have been admitted in the teacher recruitment examinations and public institution recruitment examinations. The school has witnessed the employment rate of up to 98% for consecutive years. It has successively won such honorary titles as “Advanced Unit of Teacher Morality Construction in Shandong Province”, “Advanced Primary-level Party Organization of Shandong Provincial Committee of the CPC Colleges and Universities Working Committee”, “Advanced Primary-level Party Organization in Dongying City” and “Advanced Unit of Vocational Education in Dongying City”.

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