School Introduction

School of Economics, Trade and Management

The School of Economics, Trade and Management is set with 10 majors of Logistics Management, Marketing, Industrial and Commercial Enterprise Management, Tourism Management, Property Management, Human Resource Management, Business English, International Trade Practice, Customs Declaration and International Freight Transportation, and E-Commerce, among which the Marketing also includes the “Marketing (Internet Marketing)” that is co-established by DVI and enterprises. At present, the school has now enrolled over 1,800 students. Since 2012, the Economics and Trade Management of the school have been included in the construction projects of National Backbone Schools, Shandong Provincial Quality Schools, and First-class Universities and Disciplines, with a total construction investment of over RMB 47.18 million, witnessing remarkable improvement in development of disciplines. The Logistics Management is now a national backbone major, while the Logistics Management and Industrial and Commercial Enterprise Management are featured majors at Shandong provincial level. Notably, the teaching teams of Logistics Management, Industrial and Commercial Enterprise Management and Marketing are teaching teams at Shandong provincial level. The school won the “Most Popular College among the Logistics Industry” in the National Logistics Industry Awards selection. Since it was established in 2012, the school has been awarded “A-level Organization” in successive years, “Advanced Organization in Teaching” and “Work Innovation Award” for multiple times, and “Advanced Collective in Student Work” for 8 years.

Following the fundamental mission of moral education-based talent cultivation, the school further deepens the industry-education integration and attaches great importance to the government-industry-enterprise-school cooperation by taking full consideration of the unique features of vocational education. To date, the school has established Dongying Yellow River Delta Logistics Research Institute and Dongying Cultural Tourism Business School, and has become the vice president unit of Dongying Logistics Association and Dongying Express Industry Association, the deputy director unit of the New Business Committee of Shandong Association for the Promotion of University Enterprise Cooperation, the executive director unit of Shandong Cross-Border E-Commerce Association, the director unit of Shandong Industry-Education Collaboration Association of Cross-border E-commerce, the vice chairman unit of the National Cold Chain Logistics Industry and Education Alliance, the National Transportation Industry and Education Integration Service Platform pilot institution, the first batch of “Industry-Education Integration Cooperation Colleges” Alibaba Taobao University (a total of 9 colleges in China, awarded in September 2019), the member unit of Tourism Education Branch of China Tourism Association, and senior consultant unit of Senior consultant unit of Dongying Property Association. The school has instructed students to plan their career upon their admission and enrollment, set up the “Dongying-Tarena Network Marketing College” and “Kerui Cross-border E-commerce Training Center”, and established school-enterprise cooperation relations with about 100 high-end enterprises in China for joint education, students internship and recommended employment, including Alibaba, JD.COM, Tarena Group, Alog Technology, Beijing Logis, etc. Moreover, the school has held series employment and entrepreneurship guidance activities such as Entrepreneurs to Classroom and entrepreneurship competitions, further improving the students’ high-quality employment. Over the years, the school has witnessed the employment rate of up to 98%.

The school is now staffed with 57 faculty members, 53 of whom have obtained their master degree or above and 43.9% have senior professional titles. All the teachers have experience in enterprises or taken regular posts, and have obtained the “dual-qualifications”. Most of them once furthered their study or exchanged abroad. Moreover, the school has set up many industry-education-research-innovation platforms such as “Workshop of Li Xiaoxia - Industry Leader of Shandong” to proactively assist teachers in professional development. In addition, the school has 1 National Excellent Teacher, 2 Teaching Masters of Shandong Province, 1 Young Skilled Teacher of Shandong Province and 1 Industrial Professor of Shandong Province. Moreover, the school has won 1 first prize, 1 second prize and 1 third prize of Teaching Achievements Award of Shandong Province, established 4 provincial-level excellent resource sharing courses and undertaken more than 60 educational reform and scientific research projects at national, provincial, municipal and college levels.

The school has the first-class experimental training conditions in China, and invested more than RMB 18 million to build the Comprehensive Experimental Training Center for Economic and Trade Management which has 26 training rooms that can accommodate more than 1,000 students for study and practical training and offer such social services as skills training and vocational qualification certification for enterprises and institutions in Dongying. Teachers instructed students to proactively participate in various vocational skills competitions, winning 42 awards in national competitions (Class I and Class II events), including many special prizes, and 65awards in provincial competitions (Class I and Class II events). The school has also trained 20 innovation and entrepreneurship instructors and 45 innovation and entrepreneurship teams, supported and incubated 15 student entrepreneurship projects, and won 45 innovation and entrepreneurship awards at or above the provincial level.

Following the pattern of “all-teacher, all-process and all-round talent education”, the school attaches great importance to the ideological and political construction of courses and students’ ideological and political education, and vigorously implements programs that foster students’ moral spirits, giving rise to a batch of excellent students represented by Wang Longfei (class of 2012 in Business Administration), the “Good Person in China” and “Moral Model in Dongying”. The school has also organized diverse colorful cultural, sports and community activities, and won the Advanced Collective of “learning Lei Feng” and the Outstanding Team of “Volunteers for Countryside Assistance”. Notably, its Association of Logistics Sand Table Operators was awarded the Provincial Excellent Science and Technology Association. The school has also won numerous honorable titles, including Five-star League Organization in Dongying, Red Flag League Branch in Dongying, Advanced Collective in Volunteer Services and Advanced Collective in Community Work.

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