School Introduction

School of Architecture and Environmental Engineering

The School of Architecture and Environmental Engineering, one of DVI’s secondary schools, now has enrolled over 2,000 students and employed over 90 faculty members. The school is famous for its characteristics stated below:

I. Comprehensive majors. The school is set with diverse majors including Architectural Engineering Technology, Architectural Decoration Engineering Technology, Road and Bridge Engineering Technology, Engineering Cost, Construction Engineering Management, Environmental Art Design and Art Design that serve for multiple posts in the fields of construction, decoration, management, construction cost, road and bridge, environmental art design, etc. It is positioned to cultivate and train personnel for key posts in the construction industry who feature great professional literacy, proficiency in operation, good understanding of technologies, management and relevant knowledge, and great dedication to the front line.

II. Being oriented for industry modernization. Teachers of the school have learnt assembly and BIM knowledge a decade ago and over ten of them have obtain senior certification in this field. The school invested over RMB 3 million to build assembly and BIM practical training rooms, effectively satisfying the demands for teaching. In addition, assembly and BIM courses have been offered for various majors, and the national assembly and BIM pilots have been launched. III. Powerful faculty resources. 35.2% of teachers have associate senior titles or above, including 3 professors. The majority of teachers have obtained their master degrees and some have gained the doctoral degrees. Some teachers have gained such professional qualifications as Class 1 Registered Architect, Class 2 Registered Structural Engineer, Constructor, Consultant Engineer, Certified Safety Engineer, Economy Engineer, Registered Consulting Engineer, Cost Engineering and Real Estate Appraiser, and have been engaged as bid evaluation expert and cost expert. Some teachers have accumulated rich practical experience from enterprises in such fields as construction management, planning, design, construction and cost. Many teachers have won such honorary titles as Teaching Masters of Shandong Province, Outstanding Teachers of Shandong Province, Virtue Model Teachers of Shandong Province, Outstanding Instructors of Shandong Province, Outstanding Educators of Shandong Province, Meritorious People’s Teachers of Dongying, Outstanding Young and Middle-aged Experts of Dongying, March Eighth Red Flag Bearer of Dongying, Outstanding Communist Party Members of Dongying, Outstanding Party Workers of Dongying, and Teaching Master of Dongying Vocational Institute. Some have won the first prize in Vocational College Teaching Ability Competition of Shandong Province, and won the third prize in the national competition on behalf of Shandong Province.

VI. Focusing on cultivation students’ skills. As the pilot appraisal organizations for many vocational qualification certificates in China, the school has established practical training rooms for construction technology, construction safety, construction material detection, engineering surveying, engineering cost, engineering management, architectural decoration, environmental art design, architecture simulation, furniture fabrication, drawing, assembly, BIM, etc. The school has proactively participated in the national, provincial and city-wide skills competitions in construction engineering mapping, BIM software application, measurement, Glodon calculation, and sand table simulation of project management, winning more than 200 first, second and third prizes.

VII. High top-up rate. The school offers students guidance on top-up study free of charge. In 2020, 139 students were admitted by undergraduate colleges and universities. The first place and second place in Shandong Province in top-up examination of Engineering Management in 2013 and the first place of that in 2015 are all from our school. The major of Engineering Cost has cooperated with the major Real Estate Development and Management of Linyi University on the “TOP-UP” Program: students will study in DVI for three years and obtain the junior college diploma in engineering cost; then, after passing the examination, students will study in Linyi University for another two years and obtain the undergraduate diploma and bachelor degree in real estate development and management. DVI has co-launched the self-study exams for undergraduate students majoring in engineering management and engineering cost together with undergraduate colleges and universities: students can learn undergraduate courses while studying in DVI, and will obtain the junior college diploma, undergraduate diploma and bachelor degree after 3 years of study. Moreover, students participating in the program can also apply for full-time graduate study. To date, 5 graduates of the school have been admitted in the year they graduated.

VIII. Strong social service ability. While earnestly educating students, the school will also proactively explore to train enterprise employees, laid-off workers, veterans, migrant workers, disabled people and other groups, and to offer enterprises with technical services.

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