School Introduction

School of Automobile Engineering


Co-built by Dongying Vocational Institute and CHIWAYDU, the School of Automobile Engineering is set with four majors of Automobile Inspection and Maintenance Technology, Automobile Technical Service and Marketing, New Energy Automobile Technology, Automobile Manufacturing and Test Technology. It aims at educating students who are suitable for such technical posts as automobile after-sales services, automobile marketing and automobile manufacturing in the automobile industry.

The school has over ten full-time teachers, and three dispatched teachers and management staff by CHIWAYDU. Among these teachers, over 60% have obtained their master degree, and four have obtained their senior titles (including senior technicians). Moreover, the school has a part-time teacher team comprising over twenty technicians and experts. Over the past years, teachers have completed five programs at or above the provincial level, published over thirty papers and over ten textbooks, successfully obtained over ten national patents, and won over ten awards at or above the municipal level.

With a total investment of about RMB 20 million and covering over 3,200 square meters, the Automobile Engineering Center can accommodate 1,000 students for learning, internship, practical training and participation in community activities, and has various teaching facilities and instruments worth about RMB 10 million. The center is now set with two modern automobile electronics laboratories (loan project from the Israeli Government), one simulation training room, eight theoretical and practical training classrooms, seven multimedia classrooms, one maintenance workshop and one automobile marketing hall.

Practicing the flexible and efficient college-enterprise cooperation mechanism, the school shows respect to students’ individual development and creates tailored environment for students considering their characteristics. Students can choose different orientations since the second semester. Over the past five years, students majoring in automobile have won six first prizes, five second prizes and over ten third prizes in provincial and national skills competitions. Some outstanding graduates have furthered their study as undergraduates and postgraduates in Shandong University of Technology, Shandong Jiaotong University, Hefei University of Technology, and other colleges and universities.

After fifteen years of vigorous development, the Automobile Major of DVI has successfully explored and practiced its unique path for “brand” development and created favorable environment for all students to give full play to their talents. Notably, graduates of various classes have won good reputation in the automobile industry, indicating a virtuous circle of talent cultivation and market demands. The school aims at achieving high-quality employment and ultimately cultivating students who can choose their favorite enterprises resorting to their solid academic background and expertise.

1. One high-level key major in Shandong Province

2. One key “brand major” in higher vocational college in Shandong Province

3. Four “1+X” certificate training and appraisal pilots of the Ministry of Education

4. Enterprise-college cooperative majors filed in Shandong Provincial Education Department

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