School Introduction

School of Petroleum Equipment and Electromechanical Engineering


Supported by the robust petroleum equipment industry in Dongying, the School of Petroleum Equipment and Electromechanical Engineering aims at cultivating and training technicians urgently needed by local industries and has sent great number of high-skilled technicians for the equipment manufacturing industry.

The school is set with nine majors of Machinery Manufacturing and Automation, Mechatronics Technology, Numerical Control Technology, Electrical Automation Technology, Industrial Robot Technology, Petroleum Engineering Technology, Automobile Inspection and Maintenance Technology, New Energy Automobile Technology, Automobile Marketing and Service. As the provincial high-level major group building unit of Shandong Province, the school has the key majors of China’s backbone vocational higher education colleges, Shandong provincial brand major groups, Shandong provincial first-class major groups in excellent colleges, and featured majors in Shandong Province. Meanwhile, the school has obtained one second prize of Shandong provincial teaching achievement, and built eleven provincial excellent courses and two provincial excellent resource sharing courses.

The school has formed an excellent faculty team with high overall quality, powerful business ability, teamwork spirit and entrepreneurship. Now, it has ninety-nine permanent full-time faculty members, including eighty-eight teachers with master degree or above. Among these teachers, there are three doctors, five professors and twenty-seven associate professors, one Most Beautiful Teacher in Shandong, one Young Skilled Teacher of Shandong Province, two Skilled Teachers of Shandong Province, two Chief Technicians of Dongying, and one Model Teacher of Dongying. Its professional teaching teams are Shandong provincial teaching teams.

The school also has complete practical training conditions. Particularly, the Equipment Manufacturing Training Center the National Equipment Manufacturing Productive Training Base and the National Mechanical Industry Vocational Skills Appraisal Guidance Center Skill Appraisal Station. The training center is equipped with various instruments and equipment worth more than RMB 95 million, including over 100 sets of large instruments and equipment. Covering 11,000 square meters, it comprises modern manufacturing training center, electrical engineering center, automobile engineering center and petroleum engineering center, with a total of forty-five training rooms.

Now, the school has 2,081 enrolled students. Over the past five years, students have won 256 prizes in various competitions at or above the provincial level, including 37 national competitions. Many students are awarded such honorable titles such as “Top Ten Entrepreneurial Stars in Shandong Province”, “Technical Experts in Dongying City”, “Outstanding Young Post Model in Dongying City” and “Excellent Young Post Model in Dongying City”. Over eight hundred students have been admitted by undergraduate colleges and universities through “TOP-UP” programs, such as Shandong University of Science and Technology, Qingdao University and Yantai University, with an admission rate of over 60%.

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